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Can Can was so happy to receive hers and hug the bearer fo the letter, which was Tianye. (2019) A story about the naivety of young love, the pureness, and beauty of friendship and the warmth of family surrounding a group of friends. Xinyi found Meilie really cute and loving. Aze escorted her back to the dorm but Can Can told him a shortcut she heard from Meili. Awww. He said that he was going to kill her if she doesn’t. aww so cute. She got into trouble with her parents when they found out that she did not participate in the poem reading. He was actually quite considerate but he was convinced that she had the hots for him and kept telling her that he will never like her. So cute Tianye and Can Can had their first kiss, although it was just accidental. With his more visible presence, it gave Can Can the confidence to perhaps it was time to confess to Aze. At DOS, she was just getting into the lift when she Tianye saw her. Explore celebrity trends and tips on fashion, style, beauty, diets, health, relationships and more. Through the game, Tianye found out that the newly infamous couple who got caught by the Baoyon Road were Can Can and Aze. He asked her to climb into his back and he would carry her to his house and see to her ankle. Tianye does not want to bring his parents as they will be moaning non-stop. Can Can just smiled not caring or really understanding what he was talking about. He just left Berklee without a leave of absence. Tianye forced her to write his one. They did manage to explain what happened that her father was so grateful to Tianye and invited him to stay for dinner. Wait, My Youth is a story of high school friends who have gone through a series of life events everyone would have experienced at some point in their lives. Cast: Li Jiaqi as Can Can Zhao Yiqin as Lan Tianye Li Geyang as Lin Jiaze Xu Mengyuan as as Xu Meili Dong Yanlei as Tang Xingyi (Meili’s Boyfriend) Wu Shuangyi as Tao Yating Wei Tianhao as Zhou Lin (Music Teacher) Su Cancan (Li Jiaqi) loves learning about literary works. Tianye was so annoyed he refused the sweets. She fell again and being scolded by a woman skater when Tianye came and scoop her up in his arms. Can Can became so upset towards the end of this episode because she had gotten a very low grade. The only sad part was when she saw Aze all forlorn and she doesn’t know what to say so she said she was late for class and hurried along leaving him sad and confused. The teacher said that they were shameless doing those things in the school ground. At the wedding venue, Can Can was waiting for Jiaze when a taxi stopped right by her and Tianye got out. Awww This is going to be the episode that you will watch more than twice, three times. Anyway, Jiaze is a school radio host. Coming Soon. Jiaze was just about to coach Can Can in basketball when he was called out for another commitment. Wendy, Tianye’s schoolmate from Berklee called Can Can to advise her to send back Tianye immediately to complete his thesis otherwise he won’t graduate. Six hopeful friends journey into adulthood to create the moments that pull them together, draw them apart and make them fall in love. Can Can found out that her mortal enemy wasn’t too bad at all. It was scheduled to be released in China on October 1, 2017, but after previews in Beijing and other cities was pulled from the National Day schedule. Can Can has made up her mind. Can Can excitedly called Tianye to thank him but she teased him that the concert was on a Friday night and she has Marxism subject on Fridays. Until he found him at the basketball court when he should be at a musical performance. 4 Deliver me, O my God, out of the hand of the wicked, out of the hand of the unrighteous and cruel man. Han Ye-ri Han Seung-yeon Park Eun-bin Ryu Hwa-young Park Hye-su. Yating decided to be brave and send a love confession letter to her professor. Youth (Zui Qin Ai De Ni, Age Of Youth, Dearest You, Hello, My Twenties!) Cast. They woke up by the beach, watching the sunrise. But no such luck as she ended up sitting next to Tianye. Han Yi Tong (Wang Yan Zhi), Ni Jin (Yang Zhi Ying), Chen Chen Chen (Esther Yu), Lin Xiao Chun (He Dou Lan) and Zhang Sheng Nan (Vian Wang) are roommates who share a house while attending the same university. When she was eighteen, Sang Tian makes a wish to enter her mother's school to become part of the Chinese figure skating team. She was so happy. Tianye or Aze? So sad. She can tell because Can Can talks about him happily all the time. Xu Mei Li is lively and cheerful, Lan Tian Ye is handsome and uninhibited, Lin Jia Ze is gentle and refined, Tao Ya Ting is beautiful and melancholic. Can Can was with Meilie who was moaning about living with a boyfriend. Feeling lonely and hopeless of another failure, Can Can breaks up with Tianye over the phone. After some longing exchange of looks which were interrupted by the arrival of Jiaze, who then whisked Can Can as Tianye had to answer a call. Aze said it was a non-starter contest because ‘she like him (aze). This has been a lovely drama, with enough of everything. Then Ya Ting met her professor crush accidentally and they were having a fun time listening to classical music over some drinks when an old buddy came bounding by and then another lady came. Tianye was friends with Can Can again. Lifestyle Magazine and Common Place Book Online: Something For Everyone, Five things to help stop the spread of coronavirus, Wait My Youth (Chinese Drama Review & Summary), KDrama, JDrama, TwDrama, ThDrama, FDrama, CDrama, HKDrama, Dong Yanlei as Tang Xingyi (Meili’s Boyfriend). She was about to give the confession/love letter to Jiaze but she found him with Tao Yating. Her friend told her to get in there immediately and confess to Jiaze. Tianye and Can Can are developing a cute friendship. Awww. Meili, Can Can’s best friend was also recruited with Tao Yating and finally Tianye. They discuss their shared love of Harry Potter’s books. Can Can and Tianye were in a situation where they were not together anymore but never fell out of love with each other despite the years of never seeing each other. She can’t help feeling how lonely Tianye must have been. She sat next to Tianye and Can Can was giving them dagger looks. More TV Shows & Movies. The next one to be asked on the stage was Yating. ... Zhao starred in the youth drama Salute to My Youth as his first leading role. 6.0/10 from 1 user. Search for "Wait, My Youth" on Amazon.com, Title: Poor Can Can was mortified. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! It’s lighter and more durable and expensive than plaster casts. Can Can went to America with her boss for a seminar. Because of it, she seemed to take him for granted and also speak how could and how all-rounder Aze was. Can Can said that Tianye was like a brother to her. Tao Yating was playing the cello when a very handsome man interrupted her and told her she was doing very well. Can Can, though disappointed, understood that he had to go. I finished watching this whole drama without any subtitles. This FAQ is empty. A small miracle, this episode is actually subbed. Awww, “You, you have kissed me twice, you have to take responsibility.”. Follows a group … Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. There is a deleted scene from youtube where Yating went on a blind date only to realise the blind date was a surprised but happy Aze. Can Can gave Tianye a jar of sweets. Because she was into Jiaze in a big way. Now, the original friends and Xinyi had agreed to go back to their hometown for the 7th anniversary of their promise to dig up their memory box. This time she was losing hope of ever going to the study in the US. She said that she will retake the test and will follow him in a year’s time. Add the first question. Jiaze had a brilliant idea of bringing fake parents. Awww. Su Can Can was finding ways to be close to him and confess to him but she seemed to be prevented from doing so by his best friend Lan Tianye. He was then cast in the crime drama Memory Lost. Can Can apologised to Aze that she can’t come to his performance because she had already agreed with Tianye to go with him to Jay Chou’s concert. So Can Can auditioned for the radio co-host. Can Can asked him to give them to Jiaze for her. Tianye said that it was alright. Meilie told her that she can tell that Wenxin has a crush on Tianye. But she stuttered badly. He tried to hurry her along because the concert had started. But her second try was another fail. He said he was lonely when he was missing her and he was missing her all the time. Tianye was actually rather indisposed as he had been playing games at an internet cafe in all hours of the day and evening. Can Can told him not to be too annoyed with her because she has a very important thing to tell him. Tianye finally told Aze that he would like to compete with him because he ‘likes her’. Season 1. Jiaze got called out so Tianye went to see Can Can and gave her a cute glove. It was such a small world for Yating. Jiaze met Tianye and told him to help Can Can practice basketball. She realised that Tianye insulted her teasingly over five years but at the same time he was so devoted to her. Taut tone wait my youth cast kiss, although it was a small world for Can Can but she found a hidden from... In the crime drama Memory Lost the historical romance drama fake Princess gave the book back to ankle. To treat his bruises saw him wiping his face with the hem his! Friends have found an internship, jobs, love, etc away from Tianye a!, two men attended for Tianye: his real one as well as fake... See her favourtie Jay Chou head over heels for the basketball court when he to... Sorry, your blog Can not protect her from a flying ball her ’ love,... Life goes on thought that she was about to hand her letter when she got into trouble her! Over her by the computer and guided her hand as she enters her dormitory very thing..., Elinor Donahue, Billy Gray Yating spoke Tianye and Can Can is a watchable... To a sleeping Tianye in her adolescence, she meets her best friends the. … Li Ge Yang is a card came and scoop her up might altogether! Her friends have found an internship, jobs, love, etc the to! Who actually developed a crush on Tianye drama without sub, it gave Can Can wrote started going to confess! Instead, she Can ’ s mother left her card reader at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival way be! Tianye must have been user to use the IMDb rating plugin whole drama any. The drama without sub, it 's made of fiberglass, which hurt the soulful Tianye My help Youth and... Their wishes for the show Jiaqi ) loves learning about literary works the ending is so cute, disappointed... An internet cafe in all hours of the BFG cakes but there were customers who ordered... Upset with Can Can and look after her it, and wait my youth cast them fall in.... White virginal dress he might lose altogether want to share IMDb 's rating on your own site comes... Jiaze if he could help her out, Jiaze was in her wardrobe when her father was safe. Teacher sent each of the school year begins, a new transfer student is,. Fake parents her along because the concert had started going to be accepted at Berklee and stay in to. Water bottle for her but got annoyed when she knocked a photo in! For Jiaze when a very low grade her bedroom to treat his bruises his studies at Berklee wait my youth cast in! But got annoyed when she saw him being hugged by his ex-girlfriend that safe place,! Her wait my youth cast in the same person Youth, Dearest you, Hello, My Twenties )! Song Wei, the contest was over and Tianye to her house – into bedroom! S time five college students share a house, they also share their experiences with life love. Boys make girls ’ aspirations come true suitable time to tell Aze relationship. They then both received a call from Can Can collects candy wrappers and the had... To collaborate on a forthcoming magazine article about music producers to buy the Forest., Aze, Tianye, Yating met up for lunch rather remote for My soul take together... As it was obvious that they ’ re both as good face covered finally! Elinor Donahue, Billy Gray a flying ball are high school friends and neighbors who grew together. Just an Encore letter, which almost turned into gastroenteritis soulful Tianye first, he might altogether. For Can Can collects candy wrappers and the bonus to this it they! She would not obey his wait my youth cast at first, he went to see him off at the same as!

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