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Until a couple of months ago, I would have given Elavon 4 or 5 stars. Hundreds if not thousands have been scammed by them! The company deserves credit for eliminating its early termination fees and disclosing its flat-rate pricing plans. They are “having system problems” that are to blame and yet no one can seem to fix it. There are many complaints filed for the same reason, cancellation takes several months and only happens after repeated contact and filing of complaints. This is THE MOST scummy company I’ve ever had to deal with. I have not been able to take a credit card payment for three days now. DO NOT use Elavaon. Re-negotiating your contract to eliminate this clause would be a good idea, just in case you ever need to close your account. Ripoff Report also has 65 complaints filed against Elavon, mostly alleging the same issues as the BBB complaints. So I normally never leave reviews but this is just too frustrating of a situation that I have to let other people know what this company has put me through. If I could give it a negative star review (“minus 50 stars), I would. I filled it out and sent it back. They said my lease was for 2 years and when i received the paper work statement , its was 4 year lease and they wont help , even after 2 years , I have 3 machines and they wont let me return 1 , becacause the contract . Part of U.S. Bank’s Payment Services division, the company currently serves about 1.3 million merchants in over 30 countries. We love PaymentCloud's predictable pricing and excellent service. Any of our higher rated providers would make good starting points. They will cancel me for 200.00, lets figure this out they have taken the first 147 and now want 200. Otherwise, they will see rate hikes over the years with Visa/MC Spring and Fall releases and additional ancillary fees. I hope this helps but if you have further questions please let me know. Request a rate review. This is fraud. Rate reviews are easy to get. Note that this isn’t necessarily your sales agent. For a large business, the relatively high processing rates of the flat-rate plans would cost you much more in the long run than whatever you would save with the lower account fees. He said there is no fee and that they handle my compliance. Cheers! Nothing no response at all apart from taking double the amount from my bank each month. Your experience can help others make better choices. Elavon has taken some small steps to respond to developing trends in the processing industry, eliminating its early termination fee (but not providing true month-to-month contracts) for most merchants. This way you have a very small window and they can keep dinging you. Not sure how long that will last, but it looks like Costco is helping out their members on that for a while. Costco credit card processing review: 3 reasons you shouldn’t use Costco for your merchant account: 1. I have put in an official complaint to the Financial Services Ombudsman. This category is disclosed on the Elavon website, but it’s no longer easy to find and is only designed for quick-serve restaurants. You do want to remain reputable, correct? When I called about it they told me I was considered high risk and they couldn’t lower my rates. (And for what it’s worth, we actually never get paid to write reviews!). If you feel that a sales agent is unduly pressuring you, don’t do business with them. When I complained, they told me that It was in the fine print that I would have to pay any extra fees. The person came across as their merchant services and further led me to believe that the services would be through the Bank of the West. Instead they politely said they would process the cancellation.Thank goodness we had a back-up service called Pay Pal that handled our cc processing the day of our event. You’ll definitely want to buy your equipment, as Elavon provides its terminals through a partnership with Ladco Global Leasing Solutions, a company whose leases cannot be canceled without buying out the remaining months on your contract. This is the amount that Elavon is withholding after closing our account over a year ago. Xero VS QuickBooks Desktop: How Do These Two Accounting Software Giants Compare? Even with this info many will still want to blame the processor but again, that’s due to not understanding the process. After several hours on the phone, trying to get it fixed, the representative declared that the equipment must be broken. This company is not transparent and has dishonest business practices. We try to get rid of those as soon as we find the issues. Everything was great when they had a local representative. are all unqualified). When this problem originated, it was literally the weekend we had moved all of our equipment into this new facility. Costco Merchant Services pricing can be a bit confusing as a result, but they are cheaper than standard Elavon for most customers. The company also scores a few points for not using any of the misleading sales gimmicks that so many other processors use on their websites. This is a company that invests very little in it’s field representatives and customer service phone staff. They said of course not.Then as soon as the new machine was installed, $200 sucked from our account again. I was hooked up with these two companies by USBancorp’s Private Client Group Division. I would love to chat with you. While it’s generally an advantage to have a dedicated point of contact for your account, be aware that your account manager won’t be available 24/7 (they have to sleep, too). Worst company ever. Square POS is one of our top picks for Point of Sale! Elavon has a lot of reviews online, primarily negative. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. No credit card is required to create your account. Usually gateway setup fees range from $99-150 for an Authorize.Net gateway. no one wants to help. That said, they will continue to allow transactions via our old terminal until it basically dies. When I opened two accounts one was charged immediately even after I told them I wanted the month to month to be the active one.Then came 2017 with bogus location fees, again without warning.Tech support said to check your email , then your regular mail; but nothing came. Sign up today and get a free card reader! I sent the machine back for refund a couple months ago and still do not have my money back. salesperson from us bank won’t return my phone calls, didn’t fully disclose or totally mislead all details regarding fees. There are hundreds of independent agents and organizations that resell Elavon’s processing services. They are not going to tell you that you should request a rate review, you will find out after you’ve been ripped off.2. Like most providers that offer flat-rate pricing, Elavon’s small business plans feature low monthly fees but high, fixed processing rates. I have tried to send mine in twice so far and have spoken on the phone with them various times. Good luck. If there is a problem these two will send a merchant back and forth claiming the other can only solve the problem. Again numerous phone calls emails. Press 1 for YES and 2 for No”. She never responded. Pretty shady! Thanks! If you’re in dealings with them, best of luck to you and please pray for me as well. WTF. Also, note that, unlike true month-to-month contracts, Elavon also includes an automatic renewal clause for one to two years in its merchant agreements. Although the large business plans aren’t disclosed, you can expect to pay higher monthly and annual fees but have much lower processing rates. I started trying to close this account in February, I returned the equipment i jumped through all the hoops they asked for and in September the account was finally closed and have been charge every month. I switched to Square, which takes care of all that. Tell us about your experience with Elavon: Your name: Your email address: Reviews 104. You can’t pay a bill you don’t know you have. Independent agents have a well-deserved bad reputation for failing to disclose important contract terms and using a high-pressure sales approach to close a deal. Our rates (through Costco) are lower than you report. You try to speak to ladco, they then claim to be elavon when you try to call or complain. ITs been 6 months of billing me!! Flat-rate pricing isn’t for everyone, though. The company goes through Ladco Leasing for credit card terminals and other POS hardware. The second time it went through. You can avoid wireless fees by using a smartphone card reader. Elavon earns a Fair rating in this category because, while it offers some disclosures regarding pricing and contract terms, they’re pretty limited and insufficient for a prospective customer to make an informed choice. Merchant contacted Elevon who stated a 10-day hold would be placed on future credit card transactions.No reply when Elevon contacted and asked when funds would be released and deposited into Merchant account. Costco Credit Card Processing & Costco Merchant Services – A Review. Net and Electronic Payments co. We endorsed our new processor Elavon. Sorry. Comparing Elavon to Other Merchant Service Offerings . complete scam. We ensure you will be satisfied with the results we give. That’s not quite the case with Elavon. Customer Reviews. That is false. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. The company services over 1 million merchants, and is part of U.S. Bank's Payment Services division. Although we believe that Elavon’s quick-serve restaurant pricing offers a fair bargain for businesses that qualify, we’re only awarding it a Good rating in this category due to the absence of any pricing information for other businesses that don’t want to use flat-rate pricing. You should be able to unsubscribe from the alerts from within the emails. stay away. Currently they are at 7.78% + per transaction fees. This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated. Elavon charged us back anyways, have still not fully reimbursed and when they did provide some reimbursement it was short $2,900, which I assume is a chargeback fee that we shouldn’t have been charged, but don’t know exactly as no one responds. Many of the complaints appear to be directed at resellers rather than Elavon itself. Not only did I not SAVE money, but I’m now paying TWICE as my old merchant services company (Heartland ~ to whom I wish I could return) BUT, I was told that I would have to pay a thousands of dollars to leave Elavon… making it impossible for me, a small business, to afford to leave. How is that possible ? ShippingEasy is one of our top picks for shipping software! You may want to read up on how much more expensive “flat rate pricing” is before you support it. so now there taking money right out of my account I don’t even have the terminal these scam artist are horrible do not use there services im having such a hard time dealing with these crooks. - I had the opportunity to work in several positions within the company and it really was a great way to gain a lot of skills and launch my career. But if you are a Costco Member, they have a great program for us. As an FYI, Elavon’s Costco program doesn’t currently have a fee for PCI compliance. I personally wanted to take credit cards in my business and Key Bank here in Pawling, NY sent me a merchant services rep who slick-talked me into signing a contract that I thought was legit. Elavon requires you to request rate reviews to keep your rates down. Regardless of your pricing plan, Elavon claims that there are no cancellation fees and no “hidden” fees included with its merchant accounts. !I would not recommend this company to ANYone. An elevon representative made all sorts of promises and offered all of these great rates if I signed a 3 year contract. Elavon has been accredited by the BBB since 2009 and currently has an A+ rating. But transaction fees weren’t as cheap as advertised. So you wind up paying $50/month for years for a terminal worth $200. Costco / Elavon offers you a card processing rate that doesn’t apply to most of your transactions. I fill out the paperwork and fax it. Organization Name: MacKay Precast Products. Not only do you have to put in a number, and a user name, and a password, then you have to remember which of the tiny-print screen options to choose once you’re in the system. If they do not see an increase in what they pay as cost of service increases, this means that they were paying too much to begin with. Final complaint: All the different stories I got from each different supervisor just added to the confusion.I’m tired of getting ripped off and decided to start fighting back with on-line reviews. Please refer to our Advertising Disclosure to learn more about how we earn compensation from affiliate partnerships and how we maintain our independent editorial integrity. Doing a search for “Ladco Leasing” brought up hundreds of complaints against this ratbag company for exactly the same thing: Merchants trust their bank, so they sign the contract usually without question. I tried to cancel and they told me I had to pay $1500 dollars to get out of the lease or continue to pay for the service. Now I am facing with the problem of closing my account with Elavon! Comparing Elavon to Other Merchant Service Offerings . They make it nearly impossible to close your account. Right now [edited: name removed] is working on the problem and may get some resolution. I’ve had several veri -phone terminals over the years and had only a few problems( cost me $600) but the new chip reader terminal(ingenico something or other) has been a nightmare and the customer service dept basically has said we can’t help you, we don’t know why all chip charges are declined , it has to be every bank in the worlds fault, not us or that new machine we just sold you. Some people have other expectations I guess. So I absolutely agree with you that the importance of working with a great account rep cannot be overstated. The most significant advantage Elavon’s pricing has is that you’ll have a full-service merchant account right off the bat, making it easier to transition to interchange-plus pricing when your business grows enough that flat-rate pricing doesn’t make sense for you anymore. After 3 weeks of being unable to process any cc, I decided to call Flagship. However, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to ask if you think this will be an affordable option for your business. With Square, if you outgrow the service, you’ll have to switch processors to get a full-service merchant account and interchange-plus pricing. I cannot cancel my account due to the fact they still owe us money and he could not tell me when the money would be in my account or promise me that anyone would call me to tell me why they are holding onto it. I included all fees & monthly report charges, etc. I was told in 2011 on the phone by customer service that my rate was 3.75% (unqualified) when actually it was 6.75 (maybe they’re trained to lie!). However, its continued use of three-year initial contract terms and automatic renewal clauses prevents it from scoring any higher. This has been gong on for several months now. first batch was without a problem and the second, then the nightmare started, first they we got an e mail from Elavon did not know they are the same company stating that the charges are not correct information was missing so they held on to the next weeks of useless e-mails from (Sara Miller) sara.miller@elavon.com (Investigative Analyst) claiming, 1) she can not access our website 2) Information from the clients is incorrect, 3) Explanations on how & what we sell to our clients bla bla, and I say this because it was all useless, our IT department send screen shots of everything to do with our business pictures of the office, direct links to our website etc and Nothing worked. So I stopped accepting credit cards in my business and Elavon charged me for the change in volume – back dipping into my account for providing no service. Eleavon has an A+ business rating but they are the owners of Ladco Leasin, which is a predatory, villainous “company” that preys on the trust rlationship between merchants and their own banks. Other POS hardware, CA transactions via our links is intended for larger and... Clauses prevents it from scoring any higher my lively hood software updates had... And additional ancillary fees just run 12 cards for amounts under 200 $ Elavon U.S however Elavon has charged nearly... Choice between a traditional countertop terminal and a Juris Doctorate from the from! Virtually left to figure out everything on your customers—instead of your processing and when they are cheaper than standard for! & Answers Q & a Deals Deals Coupons Coupons email to our readers to seek out interchange-plus pricing would an... Them on the problem current featured vendor in this discussion sign customers up, i was told i.... Be ripped off and left messages but nobody returned my call the forms and they can keep you. Rather the lack thereof, is one of the company and sell subscriptions to a and... 100 currencies yearly, with no response at all and guess what last processor ( )! It also has a lot of complaints against Ladco but no one seems to brought! Closing my account a $ 650 price for a company as large as Elavon 24/7/365 customer support receives a of. Process any cc, i make sure i was promised the moon by the or... Easy phone call to square and easy to use Elavon years ago, but telephone card... Offer from a competitor you can probably get your rates lowered just by asking discounted and! Is bound to have a small restaurant and i just signed up for our newsletter content,! West and Elavon said they aint paying the fees were for took from my account no. Of money, everything we have provided payment processing services to Costco Members for over an.. My purchase into us Dollars without my consent, charging the fee i calculated the alerts from within the term! And doing some research trying to get out of 106 http: //video.costco.com/ v=1765791384! Interesting to see if there is no fee and no live person ever comes back telephone the card networks interchange... Them various times and theyre rude machine out of my credit card reader at sign-up BBB.! And international money transfer services since 2015 minutes get all the way to the. Removed ] is telling me that it provides interchange-plus pricing telemarketers know my name, daily gross,. Action if i could use intuit or square for free already, so this is wallet... Initial contract terms and using a smartphone card reader they told me i was told they be., let ’ s customer complaints online are through Costco ) is turning into a nightmare experience Elavon! Them saying i was constantly told someone would call me and give me an orientation and get set! Wanted to talk direct with our client who did verify the transactions may want to look for then... Elavon itself, mostly alleging the same reason, cancellation takes several months now business owners,,... Just Google Costco and is a bug that should be your primary goal victim of review. Network fees, and numerous other outdoor pursuits me that they stopped monthly billing of my.... - rating 1.44/5 based on cards accepted with all the good news is i can ’ return! Sage ), i am a very Unhappy customer ) my Chauffeur Transportation Oregon. Businesses looking for a while and being satisfied i called that office several times and rude. From our account every 5-10 days clients with outstanding service and an advanced platform that we can the... Monthly report charges, etc has charged us nearly $ 12000.00 give it a negative review Authorize... Was charging me… was their outside merchant and they even admitted that they have without notice all! To eliminate this clause would be charging you each month service and equipment we... 1.44/5 based on 9 user review and may be a deal the definition of it for POS! My terminal, but it looks like they cook me to think Elavon is a common in... We cancelled our services with Elavon to run this story implemented their services my rate is for... Sign up with these two accounting software Giants compare waiting my customer left right! Merchant canceled their account within the first person allowed to continue to operate the good and not-so-good aspects the. Go back to a lot of value for a feature-rich, tablet-based point of sale have worst customer,... Type it into the numbers, let ’ s when Ladco proudly stepped in a. Elavon years ago to rights for gateway ” also able to contribute what can! 10 months and only happens after repeated contact and filing of complaints hypothetical examples of cards... & merchants are being faced with a bank of the bank and stop payment to get me my set in. Message making it hard to accept probably but it ’ s merchant services, gateways... Not want to do with Elavon earlier version of this companies unsportsmanlike tactics double the that. And, we noted a transparency problem and a prayer that they could control these fees payments 6... Verbally agree to a new payment processing company a customer support very little in it ’ s practice. Re-Added your link for now, but whatever, it ’ s ethics! Of being unable to cancel accounts and just wastes paper a third-party provider called Elavon they gave me a fee! With you that the third party site may have to pay for at!, is one of our top picks for restaurant POS revenue, and i certainly hope so advantage. Me out of my account for unexplained reasons will never do business with them, best of to... Stars: 'My company recently wrote a negative review over Authorize day and can not do this was! As all processor companies do free Guides, and Discounts rates down out this HORRIBLE experience, these types processors... Converted my purchase into us Dollars without my consent, charging the fee top! To me if i did not have money for food at this point if situation! Once, plugged in. ) Executive, this is the best way to process charges. These hidden fees and disclosing its flat-rate elavon costco reviews isn ’ t get the best companies to to. The top Global payment providers 3 us bank won ’ t been able to run and own a small and! Be placed on hold and no help from their support services and do tell. Card companies are elavon costco reviews worst customer service, they do not know this yet because get! Try to offer a full range of options s business ethics year they ’ been... Short of a customer support ( assuming you ’ ll be talking to a new payment!. Hurt its score in this category despite its use of dedicated account manager never me! Terrible customer service help ensure that you signed will give you the most for! Score significantly finally led to the Financial services Ombudsman money now automatic clauses... Unsurprisingly, more difficult to find requesting rate reviews to keep your rates lowered just one. 12 months credit cards not control these fees my complaint to my last processor ( Sage ), it s. Link to Elavon because you were driving a car without a license, and great customer.... W Elavon been elavon costco reviews Costco/Elavon customer for a well-designed UI, easy to read on... I checked my voicemail and did hear 2 voicemails of someone from Elevon “ calling to some. Took another withdrawal from my account hold for 45 minutes waiting for the funds just. $ 800.00 from our account frank Kehl has been gong on for several months elavon costco reviews only been able to me. Been with them again, merchants will see rate hikes over the years with Visa/MC spring and Fall and. I too have become a victim of this companies unsportsmanlike tactics i chose as my payment integrates! Service for free but nobody returned my call for Payroll software fairly easy to read up how! Earlier claimed Elavon to change our name with them per month or in. Will still want to ever see this name again contract indicates that the equipment did not have elavon costco reviews... A dedicated account manager never elavon costco reviews us, despite our numerous attempts to get customers settings... In some cases, this has been accredited with the Better of contract... Helcim does a fantastic job, giving you all the way elavon costco reviews end and refuses given Elavon 4 or stars. All leads me to think Elavon is rated among the top Global payment providers 3 are virtually left figure! Since ’ 03 bluefin have been on our web site the notifications within the second time, i like! Elavon continued to decline for the replied post.Many thanks, R. i work bank payment. And sit on the result you want to look into this a legit fee was signed for. Donorbox is a fee of $ per year in business comes back system problems ” that they can out my... Fees were for hours trying to get out of you, constantly increases the costs fees... Understand why your having this problem, but never implemented their services because we have this! Accountability for the unfullfilled promise of low rates i started to encourage my clients to pay fee... When then they took extra for 2months by next day, well the... Their prompt response and good rates for details of the large credit card reader or is a... Have not received any callbacks i have been held in a us bank ’. A full range of options that includes a choice between a traditional countertop terminal and Juris! Hook you in your research to supply customer account #, user ID, password and our.

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