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Double Merle. Due in 30 days. We are seeing an alarming increase in the numbers of breeders purposefully breeding for and advertising “exotic”, “fad” or “rare color” Bulldogs. We are located in the beautiful rural area of Blum, Texas (a little over an hour from Fort Worth, Arlington, Dallas, and Garland, TX). Merle is a fad. the only ones which cannot produce double merle puppies. Febuary 13,2019 . Everyone wants to be the first of the fad but don't know the history. To locate a breeder, … But if you breed two merles together (Mm X Mm) you will produce on average a quarter mm (non-merle), a half Mm (merle) and a quarter MM (double-merle; also called double-dapple). If two merle dogs are bred together, each puppy in the litter has a 25% chance of being born a double merle. A double merle inherits the merle gene twice. Merle can affect all coat colors. All about the double merle's and bad breeding. Tri-color: Now tri colored bullies are considered the bully breeds rarest color. Sometimes they have one blue and one brown eye. Similarly, a red merle will have faded patches of red and will often look more mottled than the blue merle. While many exotic & micro bully breeders have rushed to cash in on this short term fad- marketing their puppies as “rare colored” it won’t have any longevity. So, what is wrong with breeding for color? Genetics: If two carriers (M/m) are bred with one another, there is a 25% chance per puppy born that they will be homozygous (M/M) for the merle trait. In a double merle, the marbling/lightening effect is doubled and the coat becomes predominantly white. Some breeders just assume, and many “cull” (kill them at birth) because they know that no one is going to pay for a “defective” dog and this would also reflect poorly on their breeding program. A double dose of the merle gene can be deadly. Merle pitbull puppy for xxl pibull bully breeder, we produce merle tri color blue pitbull bully pappies for sale. The pups that do not inherit the gene twice are “normal” dogs. It’s becoming more prevalent in many of the newer “designer breeds.” There is an overabundance of these dogs and it’s truly heartbreaking. There are rescues all over the country that are committed solely to rescuing these dogs, that should speak volumes in itself. This is why others call them “albino Pitbulls.” They will have blue eyes or eyes that are very pale. Although our Standard does not clearly define non-Standard colors as a disqualification, experienced and knowledgeable dog men and women know the intent and meaning behind the words, which carry significant weight. But the main reason you want to avoid producing MM dogs is that they often have visual and auditory problems. In certain breeds of dog, there is a coat pattern known as ‘merle’. Not everyone knows the risks of breeding two merles together. The ABKC’s stance on merle dogs is as follows: “It is a disqualifying fault. Double merle dogs are at a greater risk of health problems than single merles. If two merle dogs are … Xl xxl merle pitbull puppies for sale worldwide. The dog is considered an affected, “double Merle” because M/M dogs can be affected by deafness and ocular defects. What began in the Bulldog has now trickled over into the American Bully breed as fad breeders have rushed to cash in on a marketing ploy to generate higher sales. The merle gene creates mottled patches of color in a solid or piebald coat, blue or odd-colored eyes, and affects skin pigment. Sometimes dogs may appear to have normal coat colouring but are in fact merles and will produce puppies with the merle colouration. In order to have a merle one of his parents MUST be a merle. Operating since 2017, we strive to maintain perfection in the Bully breed within our kennel. Home; About; Inventory; Contact; January 11 2021 The chances of having puppies that develop health issues increase when two merles are bred together. Cavy and Loki are confirmed with babies. Outlaw Kennels is owned and operated by Jr. Jean and Jill Parker. Also known as double merles, these breeds have an 86% chance of being blind, deformed, or otherwise deaf. A by-product of selective color breeding is a Bulldog population that is conformationally incorrect, has many faults, and doesn’t look like a Bulldog, has a much higher frequency of health problems, and can be mean, overly sensitive, submissive, or highly unsocial, all of which gives our breed a bad reputation. These dogs are somewhat rare, so it can be difficult to find one. They can also, on occasion, have two brown eyes. This particular phenotype is inherited as an autosomal, incompletely dominant trait. There are variations such as brindle merle. The merle gene is being introduced into new breeds everyday. They appear like a tri-color dog (black, white and tan), but with patches of the black appearing ‘faded’ or grey. For starters, research shows that crossing a merle and merle averages a 25% double merles. One study reported 36.8% of Dachshunds with the merle coat pattern (Mm) suffered hearing problems ranging from mild to complete deafness. Tricolor Pitbulls, XL American Bully merle puppies for sale, blue XL Pitbull puppy, champagne Bully XL babies, purebred Pitbull puppies, chocolate XL bullies, merle Pit Bull babies, massive XXL Pitbulls and Bullies, blue eyed Pitbull puppy, blue nose, lilac Pits and Bullies, and everything in between! These are the pups that a breeder wants, because they can profit from these pups. If two such dogs are mated, on the average one quarter of the puppies will be "double merles", which is the common term for dogs homozygous for merle, and a high percentage of these double merle puppies could have eye defects and/or be deaf. Some strong dogs are enigmatic, often referred to as ghosts, merles, and if not vigilant, will generate both merle and double merles. If you disregard all of these traits solely for color, double up on bad traits through both parents, the likelihood of perpetuating bad traits is very high. Any respectable American bully breeder will not breed or “Stud” or breed their American Bullies to merle dogs. Color on paw pads and nose may be mottled pink and black. Combinations such as brindle merle exist, but are not typically accepted in breed standards. Hearing loss is attributed to the absence of pigment in the eye passage hairs. AMERICAN BULLY FATHER & SON DROP IDENTICAL LITTERS OF PUPPIES, AP English Literature and the Pedagogy of Whiteness, Tough or Taken Down: My Experience with Stalking, Sheng: How a Kenyan urban vernacular is gaining national acceptance. Since Merle causes random modifications, both dark-eyed, blue-eyed, and odd-colored eyes are possible. Animals that are “double merle,” a common term used for dogs that are homozygous (having two copies) of the merle (M/M) trait, are predominantly white and prone to several health issues. Unwary puppy buyers are sometimes sold double merles as ‘rare white’ or ‘albino’ versions of a certain breed, not knowing that the pup may prove deaf or blind. This means that a double merle … Merle can also impact recessive red dogs, but the spots are only rarely seen or (if the dog is a transparent, recessive red) are not evident at all. Spreading the word about what a double merle is, is just part of the answer. While none of the control group of non-merles (mm) had any hearing issues. The merle pattern is produced when a dog has a single copy of the M< allele. Genetics: In addition to altering base coat color, merle also modifies eye color and the coloring of the nose and paw pads. Aftermath is not only the only merle coloured XL Merle bully to be fully OFA health tested he join just a handful in the bully world to eve be fully health tested, and he’s … We have merle tri american bully pitbull puppies coming for sale . These are known as ‘cryptic merles’, but the exact reason why such dogs do not display the merle pattern remains unknown. While a non-merle dog (unless a cryptic) will have inherited no merle gene. These animals are known as cryptic merles, as they don't appear to be merle but can produce merles. A high percentage of double merle puppies have vision or hearing deficiencies. Merles commonly have blue eyes. Apart from deformities, double merles are linked to neurological defects, allergies, and immune disorders. The current wording in the BCA Written Standard for color is “preferred” colors, and black is “highly objectionable”. Among their findings they recorded research on deafness in Dachshunds with the merle gene. The downsides of the Merle gene come into play when the breeder irresponsibility breeds two merles together, which can potentially result in a genetic disaster called a “Double Merle”. But as this is unlikely to happen, accidental creations of double merles will continue to occur. Sometimes, a double merle dog is easy to identify because oftentimes, they will appear white. Although they have been popping up on social media as “rare colored” American and Exotic Bullies, the Merle color has no place in the American Bully breed. While breeding merle dogs is now commonplace, at the time it was controversial since the merle gene has been associated with various health issues including deafness, blindness, sun sensitivity and skin cancer. They charge outrageous prices for puppies, dogs and stud fees. Cryptic merle dogs do not appear to be merle, but contain the merle gene. Dog posted by Nekos Brown on Bully Pedex. favorite this post Jan 11 UKC American Bully Stud View Details. These dogs are 100% preventable. Merle often modifies the nose and paw pads' eye color and … Browse American Bullies by State Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky. The breeding was controversial since the merle gene has been associated with various health issues including deafness, blindness, sun sensitivity and skin cancer. It doesn’t matter what color merle or what breed they are. Limited visibility or eye sight issues comes from visibly less pigment in the eye (lack of eye color). When you breed solely for color, you can very quickly lose the very characteristics which make our breed so special: their particular conformation, their wonderful temperaments, and good health. His unique look and amazingly muscular body cannot be mistaken. Current Owner: Nekos Brown Registration Name: Merle Luciano favorite this post Jan 12 American bully $2,500 (inl > Upland) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. If this puppy came to you from a breeder that had one parent registered with AKC and the other one not registered at all, then I would be very suspicious of that breeder. The double merles are often killed at birth just for being white, when it is still too early to tell if the dog will have any hearing or vision problems. If they aren’t killed, they are often sold as rare white to unknowing customers. Available for adoption in Coldwater, MI Tucker was an owner surrender, through no fault of his own, due to another pet in the home starting to bully him. She. It is clearly understood by anyone who knows the breed, its history, and understands the Written Standard that non-Standard colors are not acceptable. Febuary 8, 2019. The problem stems from unscrupulous breeders and AKC’s practice of registering these Non-Standard colors. Even more disturbing, this is becoming a much broader issue with non-Standard colored dogs appearing in other countries, as well. The strength of the other colours in the dog’s coat (tan and black, or red and tan) can vary as well, with some merles appearing to have extremely pale colouring all over, while others can have quite strong patches of colour. Merle is a coat pattern found in Australian Shepherds, Collies, Shelties, and a number of other dog breeds. This article explores the world of double merle genetics, the breeds affected, the health issues and the wide range of ongoing debates concerning the breeding of double merles. He’s truly one of the most exotic and unique XL bullies to ever grace this earth and Is responsible for the Merle coloured revolution and why every major kennel is now breeding them. For example, in a litter of mixed colour puppies the non-merles will be (mm), while a merle will be (Mm), meaning it has inherited one merle gene and one non-merle gene. Merle American bully stud $800 (inl > Moreno Valley) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Equally, pet owners with two merles may breed their dogs without realising the consequences. It will eventually cause them to change course or threaten to destroy their breeding program entirely. While all of the breeds with the merle coat pattern produce blue merles, only certain breeds produce red merles. There is scientific evidence to suggest that the merle gene may be linked to a higher rate of ocular (eye) or auditory (ear) problems. One copy of the merle gene causes a marbling effect on the coat and creates lighter spots throughout the solid color coat. Official bodies and Kennel Clubs can lead the forefront in discouraging the deliberate breeding of double merles, but educating puppy buyers would also help. It will pass, just like the many other fads that have crept up in the American Bully breed only to disappear later on. These rogue breeders have capitalized on recessive color genes, DNA test their dogs for those recessive colors, and very likely engage in outcrossing with other breeds, to intentionally and prolifically produce Non-Standard colored Bulldogs. Needless to say, the deliberate breeding of double merles causes a lot of controversy in the canine world — certain official bodies (such as the Kennel Club in the UK) have clamped down on the practice, refusing to register dogs that are a result of merle-to-merle breeding. Many solid dogs are actually cryptic, also known as phantom, merles and can produce both merle and double merles if not careful. Double merle to non merle and merle to non merle are the only “safe” breedings – i.e. A high percentage of double merle puppies have vision or hearing deficiencies. The merle gene modifies the dark pigment in the eyes, occasionally changing dark eyes to blue, or only part of the eye to blue. Double merles also have a very high chance of being deaf, blind, or both because they lack pigment where it would normally be. As such when breeding Merle it is highly advised that it be bred to other non-Merles due to risk of double dilution. Aspen's social media: Dark coats can appear to have a bluish tint to them and a blue color visible in the iris of the eyes. While the paper registration form shows correct colors and markings for our breed, the online registration form includes a whole host of additional “Non-Standard” colors and markings, as does the Bulldog breed information page on the AKC website. American Western Land & Trading. All merle dogs have the genotype Mm — meaning they have one allele for merle and one allele for non-merle. Respectable American bully breeders will not breed or “Stud” or breed their American Bullies to merle dogs. Merling is a dominant patterning, and the only way to produce a merle puppy is if at least one parent is a merle. Dogs with two copies of any of the size variants consistent with merle (alleles other than N) are called double merles and often can have an all white coat accompanied by multiple abnormalities of skeletal, cardiac, and reproductive systems, therefore breeding two merle dogs is discouraged to avoid producing double merle offspring. These are also known as "double merles." The genetic test verifies the presence of the mutation and presents results as one of the following: M/M. Our XL Bully puppies for sale to Australia may require uncommon documentation, uncommon vaccines and a short quarantine period for import of your XL Pitbull puppy to BR. There are several answers to this question, the first being pure ignorance. And double merles don’t look like merles. It doesn’t matter what color merle or what breed they are. It is not an accepted color in the breed according to the American Bully Kennel Club’s (ABKC) breed Standard. Our new merle tri female bully Karmis a big thank you to @whatwedobulliez for allowing us to own her. Family raised! Aftermath was the first dog to be created by breeding they female merle with a double XL bully, born weighing only 2lbs. Other studies cited by the article found that the merle gene was associated with skeletal, cardiac and reproductive abnormalities, but there is far less conclusive evidence for this. Both issues are associated with the lack of pigment. We have produced the best xxl pitbulls for over a … This is NOT responsible breeding. They breed strictly for color, at the expense of and disregard to conformation, health and temperament. How is Merle Coloring Achieved in a Pitbull Litter. Today, many of the bully breeds are facing a very disturbing trend with the appearance of Non-Standard colors, something the founders of our breed could not possibly have anticipated. $250. Photo: 10 Ninjas Steve/Flickr. Tucker is very laid back and enjoys trotting around the yard and greeting any visitors with a sniff. Blue merles with no tan markings at all are known as bi-blues, but a red merle does not necessarily have to have tan markings. Not every double merle dog will face these issues, but a significant amount of them do, which makes the deliberate breeding of these dogs unethical. Color breeders twist the intent of our Standard and use the lack of a DQ as a platform and argument to promote their breeding of non-Standard colors as “acceptable by AKC”. Blue merles are, in fact, grey. Though a variety of merle colors are referred to by breeders and dog owners, the two most commonly seen types of merle are blue merles and red merles. Aftermath was the first dog to be created by breeding a standard female merle with a double XL bully, born weighing only 2lbs. In order for a pitbull to have merle … Double merle Pitbulls are those who were bred from two merle pitties. A double merle is created when two merle dogs are bred together. $2,500. These non-Standard colors are WRONG and should not be listed on these AKC online resources. For full Access to BULLY KING Magazine Be Sure to Subscribe or Download the BULLY KING App Available in the iTunes App Store & Google Play! The son of world famous 178lb HPP SHOCKWAVE. If two carriers (M/m) are bred with one another, there is a 25% chance per puppy born that they will be homozygous (M/M) for the merle trait. Many of these double merle Pitbulls suffer severe eye and ear problems – but there are lucky ones that are born without any issues. Their coats are normally marked and they are not plagued with hearing or vision problems. A 2006 paper on the merle gene first published by the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America attempted to identify the gene in dogs that caused the merle pattern. A double merle is created when two merle dogs are bred together. Merle may influence both coat colors. How long does it take to heal. It is sometimes referred to as a color, but is in fact due to a gene that alters the way pigment appears in the dog’s coat. Follow us also on instagram: Tucker is a blind and deaf double merle who loves to snuggle and meet new people. Congenital sensorineural deafness is directly associated with the merle gene. It is recommended that a merle dog only be bred to a non-merle/non-cryptic Merle dog. If two merle dogs are bred together, each puppy in the litter has a 25% chance of being born a double merle. Queen Karma has been voted "Bully Queen" by over 1 million votes online. The things people don't know and don't want to hear about the merle bully. If two Merle French Bulldogs are paired together, 25% of the puppies have a chance of being double merles, also known as homozygous merles. Many of these pups eventually end up in a shelter and some even end up being used as bait dogs by dog fighters. Another study found that merles had a “significantly greater” frequency of eye abnormalities than non-merles. Double merles are highly likely to suffer from eye or ear deformities (in some cases both), which at the most extreme can result in complete blindness and deafness. A cryptic or phantom merle is a dog which phenotypically appears to be a non-merle (solid-colored) or a dog that has very faint patches of merle that can go unnoticed. Our manmade kennels west coast team recently dabbled into merle pitbull puppies. All non-merles are mm. Lucky Lu himself meets Muscletone Magoo in Merle!! Morpheus is the world's most famous merle male, and has had puppies that sell for as much as $50,000 to some of the world's most popular athletes, movie stars and musicians. It doesn’t matter what color merle or what breed they are. Ideally anyone selling a merle puppy should explain to the new owner the risks associated with breeding merle to merle, especially if that person already has a merle dog of the opposite sex to the puppy. Merle American Bullies are prone to eye and ear abnormalities, partial to total deafness and poor eye-sight due to intraocular pressure. XXL Merle Pitbulls & XL American Bully Puppies Worldwide CRUMP’S will work with our puppy owners to assist in a pain free international pet shipping experience. This color phenomenon is fairly recent, appearing within the last 10 years or so. Knowledgeable and responsible breeders who want to produce merle puppies mate a merle … Animals that do not present the merle phenotype may possess the merle genotype and subsequently produce merle offspring. As long as there are merle coated dogs, double merles will be produced, usually by accident or through ignorance on the part of the breeder. The following breeds carry merle and are recognized by the AKC as an acceptable color: Australian Shepherd, Border Collie, Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Catahoula Leopard Dog, Chihuahua, Cocker Spaniel, Collie (rough or smooth), Dachshund (called dapple), Great Dane (harlequin acts the same), Mudi, Old English Sheepdog, Pomeranian, Pyrenean Shepherd, and Shetland Sheepdog. Our only disqualification is a Brown or Liver-colored nose. We want to thank Alex Ferraro for approving Jackie Brown and approving of our program. A double merle is created when two merle dogs are bred together. The MM type is also associated with abnormalities of the skeletal system, cardiac ( heart) and reproductive systems. Disqualifying Faults: Merle pattern/blotched per competition.”, The Merle Coat Pattern has no place in the American Bully breed. Babies due in 42 days. Merle is actually a heterozygote of an incompletely dominant gene. A dog with a merle coat is characterized by having patches of hair with diluted pigment (color). Dog carries two copies of the dominant “M” allele. The merle gene is usually dominant, so a merle dog will have inherited the gene from one of its parents. They are showing up in Canada, England, France, Australia, Mexico and many South American countries. I’ve been depressed my whole life. The merle coat pattern is popular because it is unusual and very unique, with each merle dog having a different coat pattern. These are also known as "double merles." This is by far the most important breeding in ABKC blotched Merle History! A cryptic or phantom merle is a dog which phenotypically appears to be a non-merle (solid-colored) or a dog that has very faint … The resulting litter of puppies has a high chance of containing ‘double merles’ or ‘lethal whites’, dogs that have very little or no colour to their coat at all. The merle gene — a pattern, not a color — dilutes the color of a dog’s coat, causing it to appear lighter, with patches of white, although prominence and variation is not always the same. Unfortunately, there are health problems associated with the merle mutation and the risk of these problems occurring increases when two merle coated dogs are mated together. Double Merle Problem in Dogs . It’s clear from this that breeding a double merle to a non merle is the only way to get a completely merle litter. General Information. A double merle inherits the merle gene twice. $85. This is wear the pattern comes onto play with the breed. Instead, they’re mostly white with merle patches. Auditory Problems. Adding to the problem is the wording in the BCA Written Standard on coat color. We are breeders XL American Bullies . We are a family-oriented XL and XXL American Bully kennel located in Central Texas. Merle is now present in Poodles, Bulldogs, American Staffordshire Terriers, American Pit Bull Terriers, American Exotic Bullies and Australian Koolies. Breeding merles of any sort (single or double… The question many ask is, if breeding merle to merle has such a high chance of producing a disabled puppy, why would anyone do it? Now if you breed two homozygous white ressesive dogs together (as in the aussie breed) we create a pattern in the genetic code which is called “double merle”. The Merle American Bully will now forever be taken seriously as a part of the American Bully … Find out what happens between My boy Bokito and this little Pomeranian. Raven is a 4-year-old, spayed female, brown merle bully mixture that weighs 80 lbs. Once these dogs wind up in a shelter, as many do, they still face death because no one wants a “defective” dog, making adoption extremely difficult. If you breed a merle (Mm) to a non-merle (mm) you will on average produce a litter in which a half of the puppies get the M allele so are Mm (merle) and half get the non-merle allele so are mm. However, a great deal can be done to discourage the breeding of double merles and to educate the public on the dangers. Recessive red dogs can also be affected by merle, but the patches are either hardly seen or (if the dog is a clear, recessive red) are not visible at all. Don’t breed two merle dogs, and you won’t have double merles.

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